Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Beginning

I have decided to start a another blog. On this blog I will create things for your blog.

I make:



I will make them free, you let me know what you like and I will email it to you. It should take around two days to make it. Comment me and let me know what you like. I made My header for this blog. I also made the one for Through Rose-Colored Glasses. In the future I will make Back grounds, But I have not mastered that yet.


samarah said...

Yay!! I'm your first follower and commenter! :)
Samarah ♥

Rose said...

Yay! I'm so Happy! LOL I know you've been saying that you want a new header would you like me to make you one?

samarah said...

Yeah I'll let you know, I'm thinking about just going back to a cool header and 2 column blog set up... ( like yours) still thinking about it ;)
I'm going away for this weekend so I'll probably re-do my blog sometime next week! ahh... I'm so excited for you to make my header! :D
thanks Rose!

Rose said...

Yeah I'm so happy to be doing it. Okay What color would you like and what is your email?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose!
I would love for you to create a signature for me to use on my blog! I would love for it to coordinate with my blog header, if possible. I would like it to say "Emily of Jones Creek" with flowers and stuff that coordinate with the rest of my blog. Oh, and you just might need to see my blog! =P It is at
And my email address is

btw: I love the title of this blog! =D

Thanks so much!

Emily of Jones Creek

Rose said...

Okay that sounds good I will get it to you as soon as possible.


Really Ramona said...

Me, too! Please make me a signature that simply says "Ramona" I want it in the style of the header for this blog and in the color of sky blue... Thanks! :) Pls e- mail it to

samarah said...

Hi Rose! I think I'm ready for you to make my header :) You can go to my blog and look at the background and see what colors would match... i was kinda thinking like a pink, blue or a light shade of purple... I want something light and summery! whatever you think will look good :)
I'll give you my email in a separate comment so you don't have to publish it :)
thanks Rose!
Samarah ♥

sarahlynn said...

hi! I'm a follower and I would love it if I could have one!! I'm not sure what I want it to look like yet I need to find a new background. thanks so much!